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Puerto Maldonado Corto Maltez lodge with parrot clay lick from cusco in south Peru
Puerto Maldonado Corto Maltez lodge with parrot clay lick from cusco in south Peru
3 days
Difficulty: 1
  COD: PE-194
Category: Jungle

The Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge has 27 comfortable bungalows built in wood and beautifully finished. For your convenience, we offer 2 rooms with kingsize bed, and 25 double or triple. Each bungalow has a private bathroom with hot water 24 hours and a large terrace with hammocks where you can enjoy the excellent view of Madre de Dios river and the jungle that surrounds us. The privacy is guaranteed to be every bungalow sufficiently separated from the others. If you carry valuables, each bungalow has its own safe for its tranquility.

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Day 1 Day 1

Reception at Padre Almirez International airport. Here your professional guide will await you. He will accompany you during your whole stay. From there we will go to our office to obtain the official waterway permits (you can also guard luggage you won’t need during your stay). Meanwhile you can visit the town’s main square and also take some photos of the beautiful scenery overlooking the confluence of the rivers Madre de Dios and Tambopata from Grau square.
Embarkation will be at Capitania port, the destination being our lodge. We will navigate approximately 40 minutes on the Madre de Dios River in a typical Amazonian boat.
Arrival at the Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge. Here we will have a welcome cocktail. Afterwards you will be handed over the keys to your bungalow and we will have lunch. The kitchen of our Lodge stands out for the beautiful presentation and the exquisite tastes of the dishes prepared by our French chef.
After that you will have some free time to get comfortable in your bungalow, or take a refreshing dip in our pool.
3:30pm: It gets time to have some first contact with the jungle. On this trek you will see a large variety of tropical trees, medicinal plants, insects, butterflies and other animals. Upon return we will make a small stop at a lookout. Here you can observe toucans, macaws and other species of birds upon your return for sunset. (duration: between 2,5 and 3 hours)
Returning to the lodge you can take a refreshing dip in the pool or have an exotic cocktail in our terrace- bar. You could also watch the sunset in the relaxing, tranquility of palm and mango trees at our port.
7pm: Before dinner we will go on a nightly boat trip, a little safari trying to spot the white caiman (caiman crocodilus) that lives in the river banks.
8pm: After the delicious dinner, those who wish can have some Smalltalk in our reclining seats or have some fun and make friends with other travelers in the bar. Another option is to take a bath in the pool (with bar) under the shining Amazon sky and marvel at the Cross of the South.

Day 2 Sandoval lake Day 2 Sandoval lake

At 5:30am we will go on a trek of about 20 min until we arrive at the parrot clay- lick. Here a minimum of five different species feeds on special clay, vital to their metabolism. It’s a truly marvelous, multicolored spectacle.

8am: Breakfast and free time to explore the splendid gardens of Corto Maltes Amazonia. We have dozens of varieties of exotic plants and flowering trees.
10:30am: Again we will navigate the Madre de Dios River. This time on an expedition destined to “Monkey Island” where some species of these interesting and entertaining animals live in freedom. Following another boat ride of 30 min we will enter the territory of the Tambopata- Candamo National Reserve. We will trek 5km through the dense vegetation of the tropical rainforest. Giant trees, snakes, monkeys, birds and sometimes even the illusive jaguar can be observed here
Our destination is heavenly Sandoval Lake. Its privileged settings are shared by numerous species of animals: Birds (in particular Hoatzins, Kingfisher, and Cormorants), different species of monkeys (Squirrel monkeys, Howler monkeys, Capuchin monkeys). At the lake itself we can enjoy the spectacle of Giant River Otters. Black Caimans and Piranhas (sometimes we can even observe anacondas in the areas covered by reed). This is also the habitat of the giant Arapaima, a fish of more than 2,5m, weighing in at +200kg. Traveling by canoe, the sunset in the lake is a spectacular unforgettable sight. On our return to the river we might be able to spot some nocturnal animals.
8pm: The body demands rest and food after an active day in the jungle. You will enjoy the exotic tastes of our meals, especially our desserts. If you still have energy left you can share moments of music and conversation in the bar whilst having a cocktail or enjoy the sounds of the rainforest surrounding you from your hammock.
After a long day full of activity you will enjoy the comfort of you bungalows hammocks. You can also recover with a massage by the lodges’ qualified masseurs.

Day 3 Day 3

After breakfast its time to say goodbye to the setting and staff of Corto Maltes Amazonia. Your guide will accompany you on your way back to the city. We will pass by our office again to recollect the baggage left. Following that we will visit the local market to show you agricultural products of the region; especially fruits of the Amazon. Afterwards our personnel will accompany you to the airport wishing that your stay was as pleasant for you as it was for us to show you this beautiful corner of Peru.

General info Ayahuasca

Also Possible to have an Ayahuasca ceremonie

Nixi Pae Amazon Holistic Medicine isa centre located 45 minutes from the city of Puerto Maldonado, department of Madre de Dios in the southern region of the Peruvian Amazon. For years we have been offering Ayahuasca ceremonies and Diets of Master Plants, which are traditional methods of healing and sources of knowledge for the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest. We have trained for years with renowned Masters of the Ayahuasca tradition through diets and ceremonies, in a learning experience that is only the beginning of an adventure without end. We are most grateful to Masters don Solón Tello, from Iquitos, for his more than sixty years of sharing ceremonies, and to don Edilberto Vargas, from Manatí, for his everlasting patience, his teachings and good sense of humor during the plant diets held in his home. Without them, we would be unable to share our grain of sand. WEATHERPeru has variety of climates, from warm to cold Amazonian jungle of Lake Titicaca. There are two seasons: the dry and rainy. The best months to travel around the country are from May to September, in the dry season (especially if you are travelling by road). However, if you want to travel to the Pacific beaches, the months are January and February. The rest of months there is a thick fog (Garua) that covers the entire coastline.In the Andes, temperatures range between 25 º C during the day and -5 th at night. In the jungle of the Mother of God but it's hot during the dry months arrive sporadically icy winds of Patagonia (friajes) falling temperatures. Travel always with clothes for the cold but will warm areas.

Health To prevent insect bites, it is necessary to use repellent lotions (although not as effective as advertised).

The Peruvian cuisine is very diverse, especially on the coast. The soups and stews are usually very good. The sea fish and the river is in many menus, and seafood is a national pride. Do not forget to try the cebiche few days if it passes near the sea. In the jungle is not very advisable to try traditional dishes fish, unless appropriate sea. The Amazonian rivers are quite contaminated with mercury and other waste from gold mining, although the authorities do not seem to take action. However, the wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are produced are delicious, especially pineapple, papaya and mango (in season). If you visit Cusco can get to know 300 varieties of potatoes (potatoes). Maize is also varied, is sold on street posts as corn. The chicken is the national dish, chicken found everywhere in any city. Vegetarians will have no trouble finding salads, soups and even tofu dishes based. Beef lovers can try fillets flame, own curiosity of the Andes. The pizza is also common in any city, as well as hamburger.

Trip to the jungles of Madre de Dios
The city of Puerto Maldonado is at the confluence of rivers Madre de Dios and Tambopata. It is the capital of Madre de Dios department, which stretches to the borders of Brazil and Bolivia. Its estimated population exceeds 50,000 people, but the level of services offered by the city is poor compared with other cities such as Cuzco, Arequipa, Iquitos and Lima. The city was founded in the nineteenth century to supply the then flourishing rubber industry. The gold continues attracting prospectors in rivers and creeks, often in violation of environmental protection laws. Oil and gas have replaced the rubber as a natural resource, even if logging continues to boomTourists visiting the city just more than a step towards the numerous lodges that exist in the jungle. But his main square congregate every night to many residents and some tourists. The port captain, a huge aparcadero stores with wood, chestnuts and rice, is a unique site that all visitors crossed for boarding to other destinations in the jungle. The new tourist pier has not yet been used since its inauguration
The river can be seen two huge pillars of cement for the construction of the bridge Billinghurts, linking both sides allowing the transoceanic a new road with the Atlanta Pacific.
Tambopata Candamo National Reserve.
It was created in 1990 under pressure from foreign conservation groups. It covers all the Tambopata River basin, highlands and subtropical forests in the lower reaches of the river, near Puerto Maldonado. It includes many lagoons and lakes that are paradise river wolves, alligators and many other animals.
The trip by the Madre de Dios ( Amaru Mayu, or "river snake" in league native) until Corto Maltes Amazonia, or at Lake Sandoval, is very beautiful. Occasionally we see alligators, turtles and white herons. The water level fluctuates almost ten metres from the rainy season to dry. With the lowest level there are deposits of volcanic rock and bathing beaches where the inhabitants of the banks. The boats typical of the jungle are pekepeke, with its engine characteristic long tail to navigate in waters with little depth.
The bird lovers found their paradise in this jungle. You see kingfishers, herons, Shanshan, hawks and countless other birds. At dawn and dusk spend buzz flocks of parrots and parakeets.Unfortunately, this jungle is so threatened as a whole ecosystem of the Amazon basin because of the oilfields and mining, so do not miss the opportunity to visit as soon as possible.
Corto maltes
The lodge offers all services needed for their stay. It has two bungalows fitted with kingsize bed bungalows and twenty-four doubles or triples. Each bungalow has a terrace with hammocks can be seen from where the landscape of the jungle and Madre de Dios River. Private bathroom with hot water 24 hours. Windows with mosquito nets to prevent unwanted visits from insects and are spaced to provide sufficient privacy to guests at his residence.The kitchen of the lodge offers continental breakfast, lunch and international dishes within their planned programme. You can ask for coffee or tea without charge. It has a bar where you can enjoy exotic cocktails and other beverages, (count separately).
To keep a souvenir for their relatives and friends within the Lodge Corto Maltes Amazonia will find a wonderful boutique with crafts typical of the jungle and Ande: clothes, postcards, cerbatanas, native bows, embroidery Shipibo and other souvenirs that will delight the fans of purchases, besides collaborating with producers who provide local natives.





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