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Individual tour in south Peru, our topper with Lima,Pisco, Nasca, Arequipa, Colca condor, Puno titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu
Individual tour in south Peru, our topper with Lima,Pisco, Nasca, Arequipa, Colca condor, Puno titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu
18 days
Difficulty: 1
  COD: PE-112
Category: Individual Tours

South Peru in 18 days, our most popular tour !


Individual tour with, hotels/transport and excursions included
From lima to ---lima



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How do we work ? How do we work ?

In our packet tours you travel all by yourself, Southamerica planet take care for you, we reserve all your hotels and transport. When you arrive in Peru you find in your first hotel an envelop with all the vouchers for hotels /buses and excursions. The excursions you do in International groups with English speaking guides. Our local agent arrange also your transfers and give you the bus tickets to go from point A to point B, like this you travel around by yourself but without worry’s ,all arranged thru  southamerica planet. If there are any problems, you always find support by contacting our office in Cusco!

What is included? What is included?

* All bus transport, all hotels and all the tours as indicated in the program.
* All your vouchers, information packet, like general info over all the places you visit.
* All hotels are based on double room with private bathroom, single rooms on request for an extra price, all buses are based on good buses, we work with cruz del sur, the best company in Peru.
* We can offer this tour in 2 types: star hotels or local clean hostels. or in a mix
* all the transfers
Not included
* Your food, in the hotels is breakfast included.
* The entry fees and taxes, like airport tax.
*Local flight Cusco / Lima 



Day1: Lima Day1: Lima

Arrive at Lima airport , someone from Peru planet pick you up from the airport and bring you to your first hotel in Lima or Miraflores.
hotel/hostal in lima

Day 2 :Lima Day 2 :Lima

First day free in Lima to visit Museo National de Arqueologia, in pueblo libre, the best museum in Peru ,also the old centre is worth a visit , in the afternoon you can visit Colonial Barranco and walk at the seafront in Miraflores .This morning you do a city tour with an english speaking guide, you visit colonial lima /cathedral , plaza de armas and drive thru san isidro and miraflores , it takes 3 h
city tour in lima
hotel/hostal in lima
not included
entree fee

Day 3: Pisco  Paracas Day 3: Pisco Paracas

Around 7 am or 1 pm you take the luxe crus del sur bus to pisco, its about 4 h drive: Here close to the harbour you have a hotel with swimmingpool  
if you like, you can go with a private car for 2 days with many stops where you like ( we recommend this , so you can do also the sand buggy tour in Huacachina )
transfer in lima
bustickets to pisco
hostal / hotel in paracas
not included

Day 4 : Ballestas / Nasca Day 4 : Ballestas / Nasca

This morning around 8 am you go by speedboat to the Ballestas islands, with many sea lions and birds, in the afternoon you can visit optional the national reserve Paracas ,after these tours you take the bus or private transport for about 4 h to Nasca. Hostal with swimmingpool in Nasca:
ballestas islands tour
bustickets luxe bus to nasca
hostal/ Hotel with swimming pool
Not included
paracas reserve tour

Day 5 : Nasca and Nascalines Day 5 : Nasca and Nascalines

In the morning or afternoon (depend on the weather) you take the flight over the Nazca lines.In the afternoon you visit Chauchilla cemetery with its mummy’s:
At night you take the luxury night bus for 10 h to Arequipa .
flight over nasca lines 30 min
Tour chauchilla
Bus crusero to Arequipa
Not included
Entree fee 5 sol
Airporttax 20 sol

Day 6 : Arequipa Day 6 : Arequipa

Early in the morning you arrive in Arequipa , a day free to visit this beautiful city , visit the star of Arequipa “The MUMMY JUANITA “ or the” Santa Catalina monastery” , in the evening you can try in one of the many restaurants the local “CUY” or marmot ,1 night hotel .
hotel / hostal
not included

Day 7 : Arequipa Day 7 : Arequipa

Day free in Arequipa to relax or drink a cup of coffee on one of the nice balconies on the plaza de armas ,or you can go optional ,rafting on Chili river ,a great adventure or you take the Campina tour with viewpoints over the volcanoes ,or the reality tour , here you visit the local market , the silar stone works ,and you see how the poor Peruvian people survive !
This day is perfect to get used to the altitude !
Hotel Arequipa .
not included
reality tour

Day 8 :colca 2 days Day 8 :colca 2 days

Start of the 2 days Colca canyon tour, this is in a International group, many photo stops to see this beautiful canyon with his many vicunias/Lamas /Volcano’s. In the afternoon you can swim in the hot spring and in the evening its possible to take a meal with folkloristic dances . 1 night in the small village Chivay.
2 days tour
hotel / hostal in colca
not included
entree fee 70 sol
entree fee hot springs 15 sol


Day 9 : Colca - Puno Day 9 : Colca - Puno

Early breakfast  and leave to the condor cross to see this amazing bird “The CONDOR”  after lunch we take the 4mm Bus from Chivay to Puno with some stops along the road.

Optional you can take he 3 day Colca canyon tour , than you walk down in to the canyon, you sleep very basic at an oasis,next morning you start early the climb to Cabanaconde, from there we take the local bus back to Chivay and up to Puno
hostal / hotel in Puno  
4 mm bus to puno
Transfer in Puno 
not included
3 days with trekking
private car to puno

Day 10: amantani Day 10: amantani

Visit the Uros floating  reed islands and Amantania island ,you sleep on the island with a local family, basic but a nice adventure ! They treat you as there own children, in the evening you sing and dance with the whole village in local clothes.

family stay with food
not included
present for the family


Day 11: Puno Day 11: Puno

Boat to Taquile island , here they have there own way of life ! Men’s are knitting the clothes, boat back to Puno /hotel Puno .
Taquile tour
hotel in puno
not included

Day 12 : Cusco Day 12 : Cusco

Morning bus to Cusco  6 to 7 h ,beautiful road and views over the sacred valley, passes of more than 4300mt

Optional you can take First Class bus with guide and lunch included and stops in many villages and ruins on the way to Cusco /hotel .Or optional you take the train Cusco.
Local Bus to Cusco
Hostal / hotel Cusco
Not included
Bus with stops / guide and meals
Entree fee

Day 13: Cusco Day 13: Cusco

Cusco ,where you can do many things this day ,you can sleep some longer ,or in the afternoon you can do the city tour , here you visit the cathedral /temple of the sun /saqsaywoman /quenca/puca pucara , the ruins above Cusco, additional you can visit these ruins by horse to see the beautiful surroundings of Cusco /hotel Cusco
Hotel / hostal Cusco
City tour 1/2 day
Not included
Entree fees like cusco visitor ticket 130 sol
Other entree fees

Day 14 : Aqua Calientes Day 14 : Aqua Calientes

Today we wil visit the sacred valley we will visit the markets and ruins of Pisaq /Ollantaytambo, this takes a whole day in the beautiful sacred valley. In the afternoon or evening we wil take the train to Aqua Calientes, this is the village close to Machu Picchu, also much warmer than Cusco , it’s the border of the jungle. 

Hostal in Aqua calientes
Sacred valley tour in internacional group
Expedition train to Aquas Cal (or vistadome )
Hostal/hotel in Aquas
Not included
Entree hot springs
BTG cusco visitor ticket 
for an extra price you can take the vistadome train

Day 15 : Machu Picchu Day 15 : Machu Picchu

This morning you go very early to Machu Picchu by bus, this to see the sunrise over these amazing ruins ,here you go with an English speaking guide , in the afternoon  you will take the train back to Cusco /hotel in Cusco

Optional you can take the train to Ollantaytambo , sleep 1 night in the sacred valley 
bus to machu picchu
entree to machu picchu
2 h english speaking guide
bus down
trein to cusco or ollanta
hotel / hostal Cusco
Not included
Wayna picchu permit 


Day 16: Cusco  Maras + Moray Day 16: Cusco Maras + Moray

Today you wil visit in an international group, for a half day , the saltpans of Maras and reservoir of Moray. In the afternoon you have free time to enjoy Cusco and do the last shopping. hotel Cusco.
Maras + moray  tour in internat group
Hotel / hostal
Not included
Entree fees


Day 17 : Cusco Day 17 : Cusco

Today you have the choice, or you go rafting on the Urubamba river with scenic views, or you go by with a mountain bike to the salt pans of Maras and the agriculture reservoir of Moray,a day full of adventure ! Optional
Hotel Cusco .
Hotel / hostal cusco
Not included
other tours


Day 18 : Lima + Flight Home Day 18 : Lima + Flight Home

Transfer to the airport, flight back to Lima to connect with your international flight.

Optional you can stay 1 more night in Lima
Not included
Transfer in Lima
Local flight to Lima 
Extra night in Lima

This program is only an example, we can make programs to all your needs !!! This program is only an example, we can make programs to all your needs !!!

Its also possible to do this tour the other way around, start first with south Peru, after that you start on the way to the North and finish your holiday in the North, on one of the beaches.


1 flight included: 1 over the Nasca lines




This tour you can use as a base, you can add the 2 or 4 days Inca trail or extend this tour wit a visit to the jungle in Manu or Puerto Maldonado .


People who like to do the very famous INCATRAIL , the 2 or 4 days (look at this website for the program ) have to make reservation for this ,together with the reservation of this tour .This Inca trail is so popular that it need more than 90 days reservation in advance !




What to bring with you

v     We advice to travel as light as possible, around 15kg a person, we prefer a backpack or travel bag, we don't like suitcases while they are hard to travel in local transport and buses.
v     Clothes , in this tour we go from the coast to the highlands , in June its Winter ,so it can be cold at night and at high altitudes , so prepared for cold and warm , good walking shoes ,sunscreen, waterproof clothing ,alarm clock ,lip salve, personal medication, travel dictionary and don't forget , if there is something you miss , you always can buy it  cheaper in Peru  Money and Passport
v     We advice to bring with you around 650 EURO pocket money, this in a combination of travel cheques/cash/and credit card. This money is for the cost of the excursions and the meals in the restaurants, not included your souvenirs, its just an indication to eat normal and do the indicated excursions, everybody spend different!
v     The money in Peru is the Nuevo sol ,EURO is widely accepted around Peru , you better bring around 150 USD to pay the excursions /airport tax and entrée fee ,the rest in Euro .(not included Incatrail )
v     Credit cards like Master card /Visa are widely accepted, every place we go have ATM machines.
v     No visa is necessary for countries of Western Europe /Asia/North or South -America/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa. With a valid passport the tourist card allows you up to 90  days in Peru 

The Andes mountains have a lot of influence at the climate in Peru .The coast is one big dry desert ,the Andes have high temperatures in springtime/daytime if the sun shines ,In the evenings it can be cold .The best  time to travel :dry season , from  may till October , The temperatures are some lower , but the sky is mostly clear with less rain . But be prepared, showers of rain , can be all year around !  

Altitude sickness can appear, but after 2 days you get used to the altitude, you feel some headache, but we climb slowly .PS: People who have hart or Long problems, better contact first a doctor before travelling to high altitudes .Peru don't ask officially vaccinations, exception for Manu:  for Manu  you have to take against yellow fever .We advice that you take some vaccinations like :- Hepatitis-A- DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, polio);You have to start with these vaccinations about 6 weeks before departure .Don't drink tap water!For more info ,look at  www.doh.gov.uk/traveladvice    www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk   

Southamerica planet wants you to enjoy your holiday of a lifetime with complete success. Please read the following conditions carefully as it is your contract with Southamerica planet. We don't want to make you afraid, but we like to be very clear! Because of the adventures character of this tour, some unexpected circumstances can appear .That's why we maybe have to change the program or parts of it. Peruplanet do everything to follow the booked program, but it can appear that for example, roads are unexpected not possible to drive because of heavy rain , buses break down , local flights are cancelled or are delayed ,strikes of all the transport . We only change the program to guaranty the safety of the client , and in communication  with the client. We keep the right to change the program before or at that moment like,day schedules, hotels, transport or excursions.This is and stay a tour with an adventures character.The changes in the program happens mostly in conversation with the client , but southamericaplanet always have the final decision. If there are some changes before departure, than everybody of the group gets a mail with clearly indicated the changes. The extra travel -or hotel costs are for the members of the tour.In normal circumstances, you always follows the official program. Our prices do not include , international flighs, meals not specified in your itinerary, personal expenses, personal insurance, and tips. Southamerica Planet will not pay compensation if forced to cancel or change your tour because of war, threat of war, riot, civil strike, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or extreme weather conditions, epidemics or health risks, technical or maintenance problems with transport, closed or congested airports or ports, changes imposed by re-scheduling or cancellation of flights by airlines, the alteration of airlines or aircraft types, or similar events beyond the control of Southamerica planet. The client is also responsible for personal belongings. Clients undertake the tours, treks or expeditions, featured in our programme, at their own volition.

This information makes part of the contract with Southamerica planet. Read it well before booking! Clients must be in possession of, and are responsible for arranging a valid passport. Information about these matters or related items (climate, clothing, baggage, etc) is given in good faith but Southamerica Planet can not be held responsible for any of this information. 

The easiest way to reserve a tour is by filling in the reservation form at this website. Some days after we received your reservation, we confirm the reservation. Than we ask 40 % deposit of the total amount ,the other 60% , you can pay 5 weeks before departure. This payment you can do at our  Peruvian banc account. After payment you receive a paper with confirmation of your payment . After full payment you receive the address of the first hotel in Lima. A booking is accepted and becomes definite only from the date when Southamerica planet sends out a confirmation invoice (once we have received your deposit) at which point a contract exists and the deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable. Give us also your telephone number to contact you if there are last minute changes. 

CHANGES and extension possibilities
§    It is possible to arrive earlier, also to depart later. This you have to tell us  in advance together with your reservation ,so we ca arrange something for you .§    Thisisjust an example and we can make some changes wherever you like !

Clients are obligated and responsible for ensuring that they have adequate cover for the full duration of the tour in respect of medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation. It is our policy to check the validity and cover of your insurance policy and we hold the right to refuse travel to anyone whose insurance does not satisfy these criteria..24-h emergency service   24-h of your private travel insurance , but we have an office in Peru/Cusco , Here Peruvian people are working and its always possible to contact them 7 days a week 24 h for emergency .They now there country better than we do and have the best contacts ! Wehave 2 officesin Peru Cusco and Lima. 

Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. These are calculated from the day written notification is received by Peruplanet The charges are shown below:
56 and more days before departure: 15%  deposit
56 to 42 days before departure: 30% of total price
28 days to 14 days before departure: 75% of total price 14  days to 7 days : 90% of price, less than 7 days 100% 
In addition to the cancellation fees mentioned above, the full insurance premium is also payable. We strongly recommend that full insurance is taken out, which includes cover, under certain circumstances, against the loss of deposit or cancellation charges..
Keep in mind that traintickets and Incatrail NEVER is possible to get arefund.  






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Also in 2015 we are official incatrail operator in cusco
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